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Quickplay Q-Fold 12 x 6ft (366 x 183cm) Folding Football Goal
  • Quickplay Q-Fold 12 x 6ft (366 x 183cm) Folding Football Goal

Quickplay Q-Fold 12ft x 6ft (366cm x 183cm) Folding Football Goal - FREE DELIVERY!

  • 12' x 6' Folding Soccer Goal
  • All-weather UPVC Can be left out
  • Locking Joints
  • Super Durable Flexi-Joints
  • Folds away in 30 seconds
  • Easy Attach Net System

Size:W: 16' (488cm) H: 7' (213cm) Construction:All-Weather UPVC


The Q-Fold uPVC football goal range is a fantastic innovation from Quickplay Sport, the company that brought you the Kickster range. These goals can be left outside in all weather conditions, due to the durable grade of uPVC used in the posts (which measure 68mm in diameter).

These goals use the revolutionary anti-sag technology as well as exciting features such as the flexi-joint system which prevents stress on the diagonal support poles, and the quick clips that are super easy to clip onto the nets.

Start playing in no time at all! The Q-Fold design provides a frame that folds flat, making it very easy to store against a wall or behind your garden shed. Simply remove the back bar from the base, and fold the posts inwards. This only takes 30 seconds, and the goal from the box only takes 5 minutes to assemble.

This is a new type of fast setup football goal, ideal for home use or down the park/football pitch. This is by far the most superior all-weather goal on the market, designed and made in the UK by Quickplay Sport. Everything you need to assemble this all-weather goal arrives in the box, including all clips, nets, pegs and posts.


·         12 x 6ft football goal

·         Includes clips, nets, pegs and posts

·         All-weather uPVC can be left out in all weather conditions

·         Locking joints

·         Super durable flexi-joints

·         Folds away in 30 seconds

·         Easy attach net system

·         Anti-sag technology

·         Dimensions: H 183 x W 388cm


Q-Fold Technology Innovated by Quickplay

This ideal super-fast setup folding football goal for use at home or down on the training ground. This is by far the best all-weather football goal on the market today. Expertly designed by Quickplay, the team that brought you the innovative Kickster range.

Speedy Setup Folding Goal for Teenagers

You won't be waiting around with the Q-Fold, get going from folded in only 30 seconds! This new technology allows the goals to fold completely flat, taking up far less space, and allowing them to fit neatly against a fence or wall. Simply remove the back bar from the goal, and fold the posts in, that's it! Also when you get it out of the box, it only takes 5 minutes to set up the first time.

Durable All-Weather Football Goal

These goals have been designed to use the high-quality uPVC of all-weather products, allowing you to leave them outside all year round. 68mm diameter posts for a good solid frame. Everything to get going is in the box, including the posts, net, net clips and ground pegs.

Long-Lasting Flexi-Joint System

We've designed this goal to avoid the pitfalls of other models, with our flex-joint system preventing the common failures of the diagonal support poles. The flexi-joints reduce the shock impact on the goals and make them last much longer. All goals come with a 2-year parts guarantee.

Quickplay Anti-Sag Crossbar Technology

Taken from our revolutionary Match fold range, the anti-sag technology prevents that annoying drooping crossbar on lesser quality PVC goals and results in better games of football.

New Quick Clips from Quickplay

We've completely reworked the clips for the football nets, making them far easier to clip on and get you going even faster.

YouTube video found at https://youtu.be/hnm6o0vOKks

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